Know the Value of Your Collectible Arts and Curios

Determining the value of Collectible Arts and Curios is not only impossible for a novice but it is sometime a very difficult task for an expert as well. Valuing curios and art objects often take patience and research and even after that, the true value is arrived by the price negotiated between the buyer and seller. An appraisal by an art or curio expert is simply an informed opinion of value.

Age and rarity have definite influence on the value Online Collectables Valuation, but that is not always the case. Fashion of collecting a typical item, is a large factor that influences its market price. But in many cases, changes in time and location rub out the effect of rarity and fashion. Old is never automatically antique.

Here are few tips for you to figure out how much your antique is worth:

• Assess the condition of your item– Mint, Excellent or Good.
• Non-producibility, unusual size or shape
• Learn about its age and maker. A piece with manufacturer or designer’s mark is often worth more than an identical piece with no signature.
• Assess whether it is rare
• Aesthetics and desirability
• Is it real or fake?
• Has it been restored or repaired? Collectible Arts and Curios often have salvage value.
• Learn about its previous owners.
• Compare it to similar antiques.
• Consult an expert for his advice, if necessary

Gather additional information about the item such as its authenticity, history, maker’s or artist’s background, etc and whether the collectors will continue to look for your item regardless of fashion, trends and popularity. Value depends chiefly on four criteria — origin, rarity, quality and condition.

You can start your valuation research online. Furthermore, there are many antique buyers’ guide books (Sotheby’s, Miller’s, etc) where you can find the prices for Collectible Arts and Curios. However, always bear in mind that their pricing may vary widely among dealers, and the prices they’re asking for your item may not equal the negotiated value when it ultimately sells. Always expect to get one quarter of the price from an antiques dealer because they may have to hang on your item for years until they get the right buyer to pay the top price.

A valuation of curio is something more than assessing its simple monetary value. It describes the item and appraises for the assignment of a monetary value. Valuations of Collectible Arts and Curios are made for many purposes. They may be made for insurance replacement, private sale, probate or monetary value assigned to some deceased person’s items, family settlement, security for loan and capital gain.


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