Reach In Closet Design Ideas

Reach in closets can be more difficult to design and organize than larger walk in closets but reach in closet design ideas are still plentiful. The goal is to maximize the available closet space and provide adequate storage for all your clothing items and accessories in an organized fashion. Depending on your personal needs there are several design ideas available to fit your needs.

Reach in closets are usually a small space by nature The Day Herald. It is important to utilize all available space. Because reach in closets are shallow it is necessary to use the vertical space in the closet. Plan the use of your closet space from floor to ceiling. Purchase some shallow storage containers with wheels that can be easily slid under closet shelving. If you have a bit more clearance between your floor and your lowest shelf or rod, deeper containers or storage bins are an option. Try to get storage containers on wheels for easy access.

Install shelving if possible. A series of floor to ceiling shelves off to one side is a great way to store shoes, purses, hats, out of season clothing and collectibles. Place storage bins on the shelves to help separate items. Adjustable shelving is best so that you can adjust the height of a self or two to accommodate taller or shorter items. If you don’t have room for a vertical shelving unit, run a shelf along the entire length of your closet a functional distance from the ceiling. Store bins of accessories or out of season clothing on the shelf.

Make sure that you have adequate lighting for your closet. A small ceiling light fixture just inside the closet is an option of adjustable track lighting outside the closet door. Try to place the lighting fixture so that it will be between you and the clothes to avoid shadows. Also use fluorescent lighting since incandescent light bulbs generate heat and can be a fire hazard. Give consideration to the closet door(s) as well since they are the most visible part of the closet. A single door closet would be suited to a wooden door with decorative handle. Wider closet spaces lend themselves to sliding doors, pocket sliding doors or folding doors. A mirrored sliding door serves as both a way to hide the contents of your closet and a functional full length mirror. The mirror will also make your bedroom appear larger. Pocket sliding doors offer a more streamlined appearance. Folding doors can be an attractive way to close in your closet. There are many styles of folding doors. Keep in mind that folding doors require room to open.

Reach in closet design ideas are fewer than walk in closet design ideas but there are still several designs to choose from. Focus first on creating a functional closet space by maximizing whatever available space you have. Determine your needs and adjust your design to best suit it. Worry about functionality first and esthetics last. You will enjoy your closet space more if it is easy to use.

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